NFL Has Double Standard for DUIs and Pot

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has established himself as a law & Order type when it comes to reining in players who misbehave. So it was puzzling to me that he would give Kareem McKenzie a pass for his recent DUI. When an NFL player tests positive for marijuana the penalty is an automatic four game suspension, an astronomical loss of income and can impact his team, tremendously.  Testing positive for pot in itself doesn’t endanger you or I. Driving drunk does. That’s why I believe DUI should be punished more severely than a first offense for pot. For Goodell to completely ignore this infraction is an outrage. What kind of message does this send? It’s a public safety issue that deserves some serious attention.

 The national sports media gave this story little coverage. Perhaps, that’s because the product(beer) involved is also a major advertiser on the network and cable level.

I can’t think of any other reason for this double standard of justice when it comes to punishing DUI and drug offenders. A lot of sports writers and fans have applauded Goodell’s heavy handed approach in dealing with players who step out of line. Where’s their outrage for his lack of concern with McKenzie’s DUI? I am sure the State of New Jersey will punish Mr McKenzie accordingly. However, Mr. Goodell set a tone that NFL players would be held to higher standard since they are role models for the community. On this instance he dropped the ball. 


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