New York Times finally tackles Alcohol Abuse

Our long-time supporter, Stanley Eisenberg sent me this report from the New York Times about the havoc alcohol has wreaked on college campuses. Here’s the link:

I recommend reading it as this story offers some answers as to why colleges  have been unsuccessful in reining in this problem on their campuses even though the harms of alcohol have been well-known for decades. Since RID’s formation, we have had a difficult time getting the NYT to cover our press conferences or even do basic reporting on this enormous societal problem. The NYT receives a lot a revenue in alcohol ads. In addition, they own eight television stations which are heavily subsidized through alcohol ads as well. So it’s refreshing to see such a thorough and well-researched story from them. Thank you, Stanley.



One thought on “New York Times finally tackles Alcohol Abuse

  1. Doris, thank you for all your efforts to inform our students, esp. on college campuses, on the fatal effects of alcohol binge drinking and on all out impaired functioning in all areas of life while intoxicated! Sincerely, Kaarina Jager from Roswell, NM

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