RID applauds Ortiz for his Bill lowering BAC level

Ever since Surgeon General Koop recommended that BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) level be set at .04 in 1984, Remove Intoxicated Drivers has advocated the lowering of the BAC. Koop cited studies that indicate a person begins to lose their peripheral vision at a BAC of .04.

New York State Assemblyman Felix Ortiz of District 51 in Brooklyn has a bill that’s a step in the right direction.

By Ortiz | Amd S1192, V & T L Lowers the blood alcohol concentration required for driving while intoxicated from .08 of one per centum to .06, and for aggravated driving while intoxicated from .18 per centum to .14.


With the powerful lobbying groups representing the alcohol and lawyers interests, changing the current law regarding the BAC level is a tough road to hoe. RID applauds Assemblyman Ortiz for putting forth this bill and will work with his efforts in passing this legislation. The NTSB (National Traffic Safety Board) conducted a seven year study that concluded 800 American lives would be saved annually by lowering the BAC from .08 to .05. The study or even this issue has received little media attention since  the NTSB released this publication in May of 2013. It’s refreshing to see that Assemblyman Ortiz is taking concrete action toward making the roads we share safer for everyone. We urge RID members to support this bill, .NYAB04369. You can contact Assemblyman Ortiz’s office at 518-455-3821 to voice your concerns.

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