About Us


RID’s mission is to deter drunk driving, underage drinking and help the victims of drunk driving. Since our inception in 1978, RID has never accepted any funding from the alcohol industry. RID is 100% funded through its book and video sales, charitable donations and grants. RID has 62 chapters in 41 States. Our chapters operate completely autonomous. RID produces a bi-annual newsletter to promote effective strategies to combat drunken driving, our individual chapters, and educating the public on the consequences of drunken driving and teenage binge drinking.

In January of 2105, RID partnered with Legicrawler, an on-line service provider of legislative bills. So we are able to monitor legislative activity in the areas of alcohol policy and drunken driving. This partnership is active in California, Florida, Kentucky, New York and Tennessee. RID has a 24 hour helpline to offer support to victims of drunken driving, provide referral service information as well as advice for victims on how to navigate the criminal court system.


“RID” supports victims and activists to become forces for change in their community.

“RID” are advocates for tougher laws and for public education on these issues.

“RID” gives people the tools to hold victim impact panels, court watch, and conduct programs to raise public awareness about alcohol related dangers and how to manage them.

“RID” is a resource for videos, books, newsletters and handouts made available to it’s members.