1. First anti-DWI citizen action group.  Began in 1978
  2. First computer-assisted volunteer DWI sentencing research. 1979
  3. First victims’ rally and candlelight vigil, Albany, NY March 1980
  4. First omnibus anti-DWI bill package passed, NY May 1980
  5. First court mandated victim impact panel, Oswego County, RID 1981
  6. STOP-DWI self-funding program enforcement in NY counties, Unique to New York 1981.
  7. Mother’s Day Memorial Balloonaway, May 1981 held in 17 United States cities.
  8. Victim Rights Manual, 1982
  9. Lights for Life Memorial Motorcade, April, 1982 Rochester, NY City
  10. First DWI victim impact statement, Albany County Court, 1982
  11. First Handbook for DWI activists: “How Can I Help” 1982
  12. First mandated adult primary seatbelt law in U.S. N.Y. 1984
  13. First launching of the national RID SNAP Campaign (Sane National Alcohol Policy) to curb alcohol ads aimed at youth.
    SNAP adopted entirely by former Surgeon Gen. Koop Workshop in 1988.
  14. RIDley to the Rescue, Child’s safety-pet seatbelt campaign, 1989
  15. Grassroots Media Action Manual, 1997
  16. First national TV expose produced by RID, aired by Maury Povich Show on alcohol poisoning & teen binge drinking. December 1992
  17. First national press conference & White House rally on alcohol poisoning. May, 1994
  18. First video assisted youth education program on binge drinking and alcohol poisoning featuring parents of victims of alcohol poisoning. Comes with trainer’s guide. Called “Without Warning” 17 minute video. June 1996. See Main Menu.
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