“My Life As A Pit bull”


My Life As A Pitbull “Collaring the Drunk Driver” A memoir by Doris Aiken, founder RID-USA

This book is Doris Aiken’s candidly revealed story of her confrontations with lawyers, politicians, the media and the alcohol industry in her struggle to reform DWI laws. She recounts these adventures with humor and yet the lessons for citizen activists lie clearly therein.In 1978 Doris Aiken had a vision to alleviate drunk driving. Her battle to change our nation’s views and policies is a must read book for parents concerned about binge drinking or the risk of motorists on the road. What to do about it and how to do it is told in this blow by blow tale. In 1978 Doris Aiken had a vision to alleviate drunk driving. She took on the alcohol industry, the government, defense lawyers and an apathetic public. This is her journey to changing our nation’s views and policies as well as saving so many lives. “The right of citizens to petition government was rarely exercised as in the 1980’s by Doris Aiken, leader of RID, to deter drunken driving. Thousands are alive today because of her prodding of government to combat this menace.”  Leslie G.Foschio, Federal Magistrate, former NYS DMV Commissioner. “Stunningly, against all odds, her voice was heard. The results . . . fatal crashes during bar hours decreased by 35.6% between 1980-1983.” Chris Cernik, Esq. – Senior NYS Assembly Counsel on DWI Reform
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