Volunteering With RID-USA!

Throughout RID history men, women and young adults have given their time to the cause. So can you!

If you are motivated to join the fight against drunken driving in your community there are many ways to get involved. You can become a RID member or open your own local Chapter. These steps are simple and low cost initiatives.

Activities that RID promotes are: court watching, Victim Impact Panels, lobbying for change of local laws, tracking judges’ decisions in drunk driving cases to encourage stricter enforcement of existing laws and more.

You can start a “Safety Tree of Lights” Project in your community or organize high school students by bringing in a speaker to address these issues.

Our national office can send you materials on how to organize interested citizens in your community to take action. Please ask for the brochure entitled “How Can I Help? in your email request.

For further information about volunteering please contact RID-USA by emailing us through our Contact page.