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“Remove Intoxicated Drivers”  – National Headquarters

The original Anti-DWI National Organization in the United States, founded in 1978 by Doris Aiken.

Doris began the battle against drunken driving when she learned of the deaths of Karen(17) and Timothy(19) Morris, who were killed by an intoxicated 22-year-old driver on December 4,1977. They were the Morris’s only children. RID relies on volunteer citizen activists, with Chapters or coordinators in 42 states. RID was given an “A” rating among non-profit organizations by the “Independent Charities of America”. Only 2000 organizations out of 1 Million reviewed receive this Award.

news0.2ndary.dui checkpoint.1-2RID stands alone in spending 80% of funding on programs, only 20% on administration. No professional fundraisers are used. Funds raised by RID Chapters are used solely for programs in their local communities. RID-USA  does not receive funds from the Alcohol Industry

Contributions to RID-USA go towards our support of DWI victims advocacy and DUI awareness. Alcohol Overdose facts and fatality information in DVD, “Without Warning”. Parents who have lost their teenager children to AOD. DVD on binging (Without Warning) DVD. Information on effects of high BAC and lower BAC findings. RID was formed two years prior to MADD.RID supports and advises SADD teachers and leaders in High Schools. RID supports ignition interlocks, a technical lock on car starters. Tests blood alcohol level on breath of driver. Cars won’t start if .02 BAC or higher is present. Please read our current  RID Newsletter CITIZEN ACTION NETWORK REMOVE INTOXICATED DRIVERS If you are a victim of a drunk driver, here are the necessary steps you need to pursue justice. You have a right to the police report of the crash and you have a right to make a request to give a victim impact statement to the Court. If you have a police report, you may want to contact the District Attorney in the County where the crash occurred. If you don’t have a police report, you need to contact the police department in the jurisdiction where the crash occurred and request one be sent to you. If you click on the link below, then select the County in New York State where your case is being adjudicated. You will find the necessary contact information for the police department, District Attorney and the County Clerk’s office. Ask the County Clerk to inform you about any dates regarding your case. If you wish to make a victim impact statement, you should contact the County Clerk’s office. If your case is being handled outside of New York State, follow the same guidelines listed here once you have found the correct County Website. www.nysegov.com/citguide.cfm?context=citguide If you have any further questions regarding this process, contact RID at ridusa@verizon.net or on our toll free line 888 283-5144.

Laurie Tavares (Left)

Memorial: Laurie  Lee Tavares (August 6,1975-November 27,2003)

Laurie Lee Tavares was born on August 6,1975 in New Bedford Ma., to her parents Eufrosina and John Tavares. She was there first born. Laurie’s parents migrated to America from Portugal in 1973. She was raised in a strong Portuguese household.

Laurie had a passion for singing and dancing which started in her early childhood years. This artistic side of her blossomed more with each passing year. She attended Greater New Bedford Vocational High School, where she majored in Painting and Decorating and graduated in 1994.

She was enrolled at Lasell College majoring in fashion and had dreams of becoming a fashion buyer. She maintained a consistent grade point average of 3.9, and was to graduate in May of 2004.Laurie never got the chance to walk the stage to accept her well deserved Bachelor of Science diploma. On November 27th of 2003, Thanksgiving Day, Laurie spent the day cooking and celebrating with her family .Right after her families tradition of putting up the Christmas tree, Laurie left to celebrate with her boyfriend, Jared. She never made it back home that night. Laurie was killed by a drunk driver shortly after leaving Jared’s. This biography is written by me, Laurie’s younger sister Jennifer Tavares. My sister’s story should not have ended that dreadful night. Laurie was an innocent victim, full of life to give and receive, and it was all taken so abruptly from her and all that loved her. Her loss is unexplainable and the effect unbearable. My mother, myself, family, friends and the world are deprived of a truly amazing soul. Rest in peace my beautiful angel, you are truly missed and forever in our hearts.

  Please visit our new Facebook Page where get the latest news and post your feedback on Remove Intoxicated Drivers. Project RID-C.A.N.(Citizen Action Network) utilizes action network. Members of RID refer victims to key officials in their locality to get involved in their own case situation. Instructions given to RID volunteers. Court watch project. Binge drinking and teenage addiction. Special effect on teen drinkers who’s brains are not fully developed. DVD (Without Warning). DWI victim advocates RID members volunteer to sit with victims in court sessions, acquaint them of their rights.