Meredith Smith Memorial


.                               Meredith Smith holding her niece, Melohdi

Meredith Smith (March 23rd 1995 – July 27th 2012)

Meredith Smith was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. . She was a shining star in our family, and in our community. She excelled in academics with a 4.49 GPA, she was an amazing athlete and made the varsity cheer squad at Flagler Palm Coast High School her freshmen year. She would have been one of the first four year varsity cheerleaders at FPC if she wasn’t involved in the accident.

Not only was Meredith an astounding scholar athlete, she also had a strong presence in the community volunteering for Flagler Beach’s Junior Lifeguard program and working as a server at Steak n’ Shake. Where ever she was, or what ever she was doing, she always gave 150% and her joyful presence was felt by all.

The loss of Meredith was not only hard for my family, but for our community as well. She would still be here today if it hadn’t been for a careless driver operating his motor vehicle under the influence of narcotics. We lost her on July 27th, 2012, a day that many will remember for ever as one of the worst days of their lives.
– Zach Smith, Brother of Meredith

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