Mission Statement




RID’s mission is to deter drunk driving, underage drinking and help the victims of drunk driving. Since our inception in 1978, RID has never accepted any funding from the alcohol industry. RID is 100% funded through its book and video sales, charitable donations, GE’s matching gifts program, membership dues and with state and federal grants. As a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit charitable organization, RID is prohibited from offering any endorsements of political campaigns or candidates.

RID has 35 chapters in 25 States. Our chapters operate completely autonomous. RID believes its chapters can be more effective if they are able to operate independently, free of red tape and layers of bureaucracy which can encumber their ability to function in a successful manner and make decisions in a timely fashion.


RID produces a newsletter twice a year to promote effective strategies to combat drunken driving, highlight the work being done by individual chapters across the nation, publishing studies  which analyzes the impact of drunken driving and educating the public on the consequences of drunken driving and teenage binge drinking.


In January of 2015, RID partnered with Legicrawler, an on-line service provider of legislative bills. So RID is able to monitor legislative activity in the areas of alcohol policy and drunken driving. This partnership is active in California, Florida, Kentucky, New York,  Tennessee and Vermont.  RID has a  toll-free 24 hour helpline 888-283-5144 to offer support to victims of drunken driving, provide  referral service information as well as advice for victims on how to navigate the criminal court system. RID’s web site is: RID-USA.org.

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